May Menu 2014

Alrighty guys.  I finished my May menu a whole week ahead of time!  Aren’t you proud of me!!!  I have several new recipes I’m trying out.  Trying to slowly get healthier by not eating as much pork or red meat.

Also, we’re going to be on Staycation the last week of May (and who knows what things Papi will want to eat on Staycation!)  – so I didn’t schedule anything (we’ll be eating out a lot if it’s anything like our normal staycations)

Someone told me on facebook that they were inspired by my meal planning and we’re tackling a 2 week meal plan of their own!  That’s wonderful!  I hope you all are inspired.  And I hope you share your favorite recipes!!!!  I’ll use them!!!! :0

meal-plan-may 2014