Determination: Bob, The Red Squirrel

We love to feed the birds around our house.  We have one bird feeder (and are making more) that we feed the birds.  We have a map of identification to identify the birds that drop by for a visit.  We have enjoyed robins, cardinals, doves, scrub jays, blue jays, chickadees and cowbirds.  We also have squirrels.  Two of them are frequent visitors to our bird feeder.  The fat one is a Red Squirrel.  The kids and I have affectionately named him Bob.

Bob is one of our favorite visitors.  He comes every day and he is so determined!  He climbs up on the bird feeder and hangs upside down using only his tail to hold on.  He uses his front paws to grab as much seed as possible and stuff it into his mouth.  Have I mentioned Bob is fat?  He’s very fat.  I think it might be because he eats every day at our feeder, but I could be wrong.

We have a greyhound, we adopted him from a Greyhound Rescue.  He is older, I think he is almost 9 years old.  But he is still fast when the mood strikes.  And his mood strikes often, especially when Bob is stuffing his face at the bird feeder.  We always try to give Bob a little heads up by knocking on the door before we let Simon the Greyhound out of the house.  And then it is a race to the finish!

I’m not sure if Simon will ever win, but he is determined.  And Bob is equally determined, both to stuff his face and to survive to the fence, up the tree and out of Simon’s reach.  I have made it my mission to be as determined as Bob and Simon.  I am determined to get my house back in shape.  I am determined to teach my kids the love of God.  I am determined to have people see that I am a Christ follower.  I am determined to be the best wife possible.  I am determined.

If Bob every holds still long enough, I’ll try to get a picture of him hanging upside down and post it.  Until then, Please enjoy this picture of a woodpecker that was a rare treat about a month ago at the feeder. 🙂