Summer Schedule

I made up our summer schedule last week….I told you – I’m OCD!!!!! 2 more weeks of school and we’ll be having our Summer Jubilee!
BAM!, Barbie, and Papi are going on a 10 day mission trip in Louisiana, so they’ll miss out for the first couple of days.

Here is our summer schedule:
I’ll be up at 6 am to do my morning devotion and laundry.
At 7:30 I’ll shower and dress.
8:00 am I’ll wake up the kids and cook breakfast while they are getting ready for the day.
8:30 am Breakfast!
9:00 am we’ll discuss our plans for the day and do a 15 minute pick up of the kitchen
9:30 am – Wisdom Search
10 am – Monday Beach, Tuesday library, Wednesday Crafts, Thursday Play Dates, Friday Shopping, Saturday Park Day (obviously this is weather dependent!)
12 – lunch and a pick up
1 pm – finish any school work that needs to be worked on
1:30 I’ll be crafting while everyone else is having free time
2 pm I’ll be working on my “to do” list
3 pm Super Clean Time
4 pm I’ll be getting my computer work done while everyone else is having free time
4:30 pm Gardening
5 pm Cooking Dinner
5:30 pm Reading
6 pm Dinner
7 pm Evening Wisdom Search
7:30 pm Smarty Pants goes to bed
8 pm My time to Blog
8:30 pm Eyes, Dimples, and Kissy in bed
9 pm Hanging out with BAM! and Barbie
9:30 pm BAM! and Barbie go to bed, my time with Papi

Now, lest you think I am a drill sergeant – this is a flexible schedule. If things happen, impromptu play dates, sleeping in, we spend more time at the beach than 2 hours, well, we’ll roll with it and just pick it up where we left off!!!!!
What is YOUR summer schedule like?????

Homeschooling 101: Setting a Schedule Part 1

You have prayed with your hubby night after night.  You’ve researched the laws in your state, you’ve set your goal, and you’ve picked a curriculum.  Now comes the fun part (for someone who is OCD).  Now you set your schedule.  It’s summer – now is the perfect time!!!!  There are plenty of blog posts on how to schedule.  Some will tell you to go away for a weekend and plan with your husband.  Yeah right. I mean, that is wonderful!!!!!  But what about us people with 6 kids and no one who can watch them all weekend????

Here is the BLOG for you!!!!!!  I try to take a little bit at a time.  My first priority is to set my goals for the year.  What do I want to accomplish with the kids?  What does hubby want the kids to learn?  And something many people forget, what do the kids want to accomplish????  If you have older ones especially, this is important!!!!  It’s time for us to do this again this year, now that we are in summer.  So my first thing to do will be to think what I want to get done.

This year, my goal for all of the kids is to finish the first 5 Wisdom Booklets. We’re mostly through the first one. I also want each of the kids to finish the Music class (we may be getting singing lessons, we’re praying about it).  I want all of the kids to finish at least one math textbook in Math U See, and I’d like it if Dimples and Kissy finish 2 each (they are behind). I want the boys to each accomplish something in MineCraft home school to increase their computer skills.  I want everyone’s penmanship to improve (except Kissy’s, hers is fine) and I want Kissy, BAM!, and Barbie to complete a typewriting class.  If you read my post on Curriculum Overload , you will see that my idea of what school was going to be has drastically changed.

We will probably add in Geography, Science,  Drive Thru History, and Home Ec but they are not my goals.

My next step will be to talk to Papi.  What does he want me to accomplish?  His goals are to increase their character collectively.  He wants Kissy and Dimples to be reading better and do better in math.  His biggest mission is their character qualities.  He wants them to have better character, because anyone can be in business, but to succeed you must be someone who is trustworthy, loyal, attentive, diligent.

Talking to the kids, they have their own ideas – but unless you really sit with them, they’ll probably just “I don’t know” you.  So sometime in the next week, I will be sitting down with each one of them individually and finding out what their goals are.

Once I have all of the goals written down, I start with the ones are most important to all of us.  And I know that I have those goals for the end of the year.  I cut them in doable pieces.  For instance, I want 5 Wisdom Booklets done between now and this time next year.  Papi and I have discussed it and realized that it will take us 6 weeks to complete each Wisdom Booklet (instead of the 4 it takes everyone else).  That’s perfect, because we love a Shabbat Schedule!  So I know that we’ll be finishing this one in the next month.  We have 2 weeks where BAM! and Barbie will be on a Mission Trip, so the others and I will finish up.  Then we will take July and a good portion of August off completely (our true summer hopefully).  In August we will start our first 6 weeks with book 2.  Then take a week off.  We will start Book 3 in October and finish after 6 weeks. Then we will take our Shabbat Week during Thanksgiving.  We will spend all of December working on things we are behind in, and doing arts and crafts projects for Christmas, and entertaining – which means a LOT of Home Ec!!!!  We will start Book 4 in January and go 6 weeks, finishing in February.  Book 5 will be started at the end of February, ending in April.

If everything goes well, I will attempt to start WB 6 in April, ending right before vacation in May.

So you see, I have nebulous goals for the year – but nothing is written in stone.  I know that things happen.  Kids get sick….Mommy’s get sick.  Daddy’s have other plans.  Things HAPPEN!!!  So I have a starting plan…but nothing more than that.

Next I’ll tell you how I look at things in 6 week increments! (There is a reason I use a Shabbat Schedule!!!)