Guest Blogger, Guess Who????


Mom’s name is Jesica.

My mom loves God.

God loves momy very much.

My mom ask God in her hart.

With my mom i’m pretected.

Mom reads the Bible about 2.00 hours.

We have a cute marker board that I bought at Walmart several years ago for about $30.  It’s hanging in our Breakfast room.  Every day I write on it.  I write what we’re having to eat that day, what the weather will be that day, and anything special we’re doing that day.  I also have a line that says, “Nothing to Do?”.  Underneath it I write suggestions for if the kids are bored.  The kids know that if they say, “There’s nothing to do.” or “I’m bored.”, then they will be directed to do what is on the marker board.

Smarty Pants is the worst at this.  This child believes that he can do nothing of himself, he must be entertained at all times, especially by something electronic.  If I have said no tv, no computer, and no mp3 players, then he goes insane.  A couple of days ago, the “Nothing to Do?” board said, “Write a blog post.”  Guess who said, “I’m bored.”?  That’s right, Smarty Pants.

I posted exactly what he wrote, errors in spelling and grammar and all!!! The line that touched me the most???  “With my mom i’m pretected.”  Why does that matter so much?  Because he has spent from the time of 8 months old til he was 7 bounced around from home to home, both foster and biological.  He’s never felt safe, because he never knew for sure he was staying.  He’s been kicked out of homes for throwing temper tantrums (at 2 mind you), or just because the foster parents were done.  He has always felt that it was always his fault he was being passed on, never the adults.  For him to say that I “pretect” him, well, that just makes all the trying times worth it.

I hope you enjoyed our first guest blogger!  There will be more guest bloggers soon, I hope!