Homeschool Science: Making Slime

There are some really fun times homeschooling, and Making Slime had to be one of them!!!!

I got the idea off of Pinterest (of course) and we had a blast!!!!

Oooeey and gooeey and bright – bonus, it’s a chemical reaction!!!  Here’s what you need (get ready, it’s complicated – LOL):  Borax, School glue, food dye, water, stir sticks, and cups.

Making Slime 025                                                                                                       First put some glue in a cup.026 027Now put an equal amount of water and stir it all about. Put some water in a cup with some borax and mix that well.  Add it to your glue mixture – slowly.  Stirring as you go.028 029

Add food dye of your choice and stir.  As you’re stirring, the borax glue mixture will start to solidify into slime!030 031When they’re done, let the kiddos take it outside and play with it for a while!  Just don’t let them put it on your driveway.  It’s sticks and it stains!!!

This is where I got the idea: