The Three Sisters

In the Iroquois legend, the Three Sisters are three beautiful wise sisters who live together.  They can not exist one without the other.  The legend is a story to teach the young ones how to plant.  You plant corn, beans, and squash in one mound.  The corn grows straight and tall, the beans wind around the corn, and the squash shade the bottom.  These three sisters thrive together.

It’s a pretty story, isn’t it.  So when we were studying Florida Indians, we decided to plant the Three Sisters in our pallet garden.  They were planted in February.  Only some pallets got all three sisters, some only got two, and some only got one.  It really depended on how many seeds came in the packet.  In fact, right now there is a half used packet of corn and a half used packet of beans on my desk…waiting for me to get more squash.

At first our Three Sisters project was doing very well, but I noticed today that on the pallet that was planted first (Dimples pallet) some of the leaves have started to yellow.  I’m not sure, but it might be a red ant infestation….even with Rudy the Rooster and several doves picking at the insects all over our yard, the ants are still a huge problem.  I’m going to have to go outside and check to see what it is.

Three Sisters This is BAM!’s pallet after one week.  If you look close, you can see a couple of bean plants popping up.


This is Dimples’ pallet after 2 weeks, he was the first one planted.Kissy3siswk1And this is Kissys’ pallet after 1 week 3 days, she was planted second.

Please forgive the hearts, mustache, and kisses over the pallets.  The kids painted all over them, and of course they painted their names. 😉