Summer Schedule

I made up our summer schedule last week….I told you – I’m OCD!!!!! 2 more weeks of school and we’ll be having our Summer Jubilee!
BAM!, Barbie, and Papi are going on a 10 day mission trip in Louisiana, so they’ll miss out for the first couple of days.

Here is our summer schedule:
I’ll be up at 6 am to do my morning devotion and laundry.
At 7:30 I’ll shower and dress.
8:00 am I’ll wake up the kids and cook breakfast while they are getting ready for the day.
8:30 am Breakfast!
9:00 am we’ll discuss our plans for the day and do a 15 minute pick up of the kitchen
9:30 am – Wisdom Search
10 am – Monday Beach, Tuesday library, Wednesday Crafts, Thursday Play Dates, Friday Shopping, Saturday Park Day (obviously this is weather dependent!)
12 – lunch and a pick up
1 pm – finish any school work that needs to be worked on
1:30 I’ll be crafting while everyone else is having free time
2 pm I’ll be working on my “to do” list
3 pm Super Clean Time
4 pm I’ll be getting my computer work done while everyone else is having free time
4:30 pm Gardening
5 pm Cooking Dinner
5:30 pm Reading
6 pm Dinner
7 pm Evening Wisdom Search
7:30 pm Smarty Pants goes to bed
8 pm My time to Blog
8:30 pm Eyes, Dimples, and Kissy in bed
9 pm Hanging out with BAM! and Barbie
9:30 pm BAM! and Barbie go to bed, my time with Papi

Now, lest you think I am a drill sergeant – this is a flexible schedule. If things happen, impromptu play dates, sleeping in, we spend more time at the beach than 2 hours, well, we’ll roll with it and just pick it up where we left off!!!!!
What is YOUR summer schedule like?????

Peeling the Layers Away



Our family goes to the beach.  Not as much as we want, but a lot.  We have a great beach about half hour away that is perfect for kids and for this busy mom!  I love sitting on my blanket reading a good book while the kids are wearing themselves out in the sun and the surf. There are advantages to living in Florida after all!!!!

Besides being completely worn out…we come back sandy, wet, exhausted, and I come back burnt to a crisp!  It doesn’t matter how often I reapply my SPF 45, I still come back looking like a cooked lobster.

Last month we went to the beach and I came back like I normally do.  Exhausted and burnt.  As I was gingerly applying the aloe vera gel to my extremely tender skin, a weird thought struck my brain.(I am the queen of strange thoughts btw) I realized that the sun and what it does to my skin is a lot like what God’s Word (when properly applied) does to my soul.

The more I spend time in His Word, the worse it gets.  The stinging, burning, searing of His Word into my soul.  And the realization that I am nowhere close to living up to the perfection of Jesus Christ.  Each time I delve in, bathing myself in His Word I realize how I fail Him….and it stings.

Sometimes I don’t want the Son to burn, so I put on Sonblock – using the World to distract me from Him, covering myself in Worldly things that make it hard for the Son to get through to me.  Using distractions like television, music, social media, and busyness.  Buying into the advertisement that what the bible says is “cultural” or not meant for our generation, out of date.  Or I fall into that giant vat of Sonblock that so many of us have, the “sissified Jesus”.  You know the one.  The Jesus that says that God would never punish anyone and no one should be held accountable for anything.  Yeah.  That’s my favorite Sonblock of all, because it just sounds so ….NICE!

But if I forget Sunblock, if I soak in the Sun, do you know what happens?  I get burnt.  My skin gets red and it hurts.  It’s hard to do anything because my skin prickles and feels so bad.  And then something miraculous happens.  The skin, the outer layer, it starts to itch.  It peels.  And new skin is underneath it.

Same thing if I forget my daily dose of Sonblock.  If I soak my life in the Son – it will hurt.  It will burn.  It will be uncomfortable.  People will feel pity for you because you spent too much time in the Son.  Some will laugh at how red your soul is.  And there are days that you just wish the pain would go away.  But something amazing happens when you get burnt by the Son.  You start to peel.  Layer by layer, your sinful life begins to peel away.  And you start living a new life.  You will never achieve the perfection of the Son, but your constant exposure to Him will get you closer every day!  And your new skin, your new life, is shiny and bright…no scars, no bruises, no wrinkles, just the beauty of a skin and a life that is Son kissed.

Be warned…as your skin peels, some people will be disgusted.  They will shy away from the peel because they know that they are afraid of spending that much time in the Son.  Treat them with the love that they don’t treat you with.  And pray for them.  Every day.