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HolyKneesHomeschoolHi!  It’s so nice to meet you!  Welcome to my home, our homeschool academy.  Here, sit down.  Would you like a cup of coffee?  A cup of tea?  Some water?  Please, make yourself comfortable.  Sorry it’s so loud in here….that’s part of having a large family, I guess.

So, let me make some introductions.  My name is Jessica, and I’m the Mommy, the teacher, the head bottle washer, the limo driver, the cheer coach, and according to my hubby, the glue that holds this crazy family together.  I love God and I love my family first and foremost. I love reading, teaching, writing, crafting, cooking, and my newest love is taking pictures.  I have unusual views on almost everything, and have a tendency to speak first and then reword it in my head so it sounds nicer the second time!  (Yes, I insert my foot in my mouth sometimes, and sometimes my whole leg!)

My hubby, Papi, is the patriarch of this crazy mixed up clan.  He leads us, guides us, and loves us like there is no tomorrow.  He’s an amazing man of God, and I’m so glad that God brought us together! (Remind me to tell you THAT story one day.) He works really hard to support us, and so that I can stay home and take care of the kiddos.  he has his main full time job, he is a substitute Pastor when our Pastor needs time off, and he officiates football, basketball, and soccer.  He doesn’t like the internet very much, but he does have his own “internet presence”.  You can find him posting a “play of the week” on twitter.  If someone you love is an official, check him out here @FootballPOTW .

  This is my eldest – Barbie.  She takes after her Papi in that she is very athletic.  She LOVES cheerleading and soccer.  To blow off steam, she will often take time to go running (God bless that child, I wish I was like that!).  Thankfully, she also loves to read and to sing – so we do have some things in common!!!!!  Last summer she had her Quinceanera, I really can’t believe she is 15 already (GULP!!!). Her soccer teammates started calling her “Barbie” last year because of all of her extracurricular activities she is involved in AND her homeschool classes.  They decided she reminded them of that other “Barbie!”  Gorgeous Veterinarian Teacher Flight Attendant – you get the drift. 🙂






And then my second daughter – BAM! Yes, you read that correctly. BAM! BAM! is smart, sweet, sensitive, and shy.  She has mild Sensory Processing Disorder, so it is a struggle for her to do certain things, like just about anything in front of an audience!  Her struggle to read challenged my desire to homeschool, and strengthened my resolve that homeschooling IS the right thing. Once she made that connection in reading (it was almost an audible click) *BAM!* – she was off and running!  Her favorite book at the moment is The Silver Donkey By Sonya Hartnett.  BAM!  just turned 13.  We celebrated by having a “Glamp-over” with several of her closest friends.

My third daughter is Kissy.  Kissy is my 12 year old TALL drink of water.  At the moment, she is the tallest of the girls.  She towers over me too!  Kissy aims to please in everything.  She is so used to people treating her older than she is though, that she usually ACTS older than she is.  That can cause some problems with her older sisters because Kissy wants to be in charge!!!!  She is a magical mix of 4 year old girl and 30 year old woman!  I think she really longs to be the boss of us all (so she can force us to have Princess Parties).

And introducing….. THE BOYS!

                                                                                                                                 DimplesFirst up is Dimples.  He is 9 years old and 100% boy.  He is the leading cause of the name of our school, Holy Knees Academy, and of this blog!  The boy puts holes in the knees of his pants in mere minutes of wearing them.  I’m beginning to think that his knees secrete a chemical that causes decomposition of jean fabric! 😉  He loves football and Lego’s and frequently asks to run around the house during school so that he can “get the wiggles out”.

This is Eyes.  Eyes One look into this sweeties eyes 8 years ago and I was hooked!  When he was a toddler, he would do what I called “Drive by Muggings”.  I would be sitting somewhere and out of nowhere he would tackle me and smother me with kisses.  He, like his older brother, loves Lego’s and football! You can find him begging Papi to work out or begging me or one of his sisters to snuggle.  He is a sweet doll and a Rush Fit Beast!

And lastly, but certainly not least is Smarty-Pants.  He picked the name, I promise!  He is a very intelligent bundle of energy complete and total dynamo!  And yes, that run on sentence is exactly the way he makes me feel.  I look at him and just want a Nap!  His favorite activity is a calm one, coloring quietly – but that is only when he is not aggravating his brothers and sisters with all of his annoying little brother ways!!! 🙂

Occasionally Nana joins in on the fun!  She’s my mom.  I get my crafting and love of reading from her.  She has her own craft business and sells at Craft Fairs all over Florida.  When you get a moment, check out her online store, http://www.mtlilac.com

So, now that I’ve introduced you to my family, what would you like to talk about??? Contact me here:

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