School Has Begun!

The official start of school was yesterday, and it is going great guns!!!  There was blood, sweat, and tears!  OK….maybe not blood, but definitely sweat and tears.

We began with a unit study on Self Control.  We have a Self Control Goal (complete with posterboard) for the next 6 weeks.  We have to get 110 stars AS A FAMILY  for going above and beyond when it comes to Self Control.  This includes Controlling our Eating, our Anger, our Thoughts, etc.  It’s close to the end of Day 2, and we have 3 stars.  Almost all of them for Spending More Time on Spiritual Pursuits.

We have a First Week of School Project.  Every day we will be doing something different to celebrate the First Week of School.

Monday – we took the First Day of School Pictures that every homeschooler takes, with the kids holding up signs saying what grade they are in.

Tuesday – today I wrote up the following questions and they had to answer them.

1.  What can YOU do to have a great year this year?  The best answer: Barbie. “I vow to concentrate and reach for good grades.”

2.  What can I do to help you succeed this year?  The best answer: BAM!. “If you see me start to give up help me.” (They all had answers similar to that, so I need to do more encouraging.)

3. What do YOU hope to learn this year? The best answer: Eyes. “I hope to lean about God.” (misspelling is his)

4. Our family should be ____________________ every day! The best answer: Kissy. “I think our family should be respectful all the time to one anothe everday.” (misspelling is hers)

5. School is important because __________________. The best answer: Barbie. “School is important because it teaches you how to survive the business world.”

Wednesday – we will be creating our own “Twitter” accounts (fake)

Thursday – each child will be summing up his slogan for the day of his twitter account….in other words, creating a “tweet”.

We started our Language Arts books, and Barbie started her English III books.  It’s going to be an adjustment, but I can’t say enough about how much I like the IBLP Language Arts books.  It already has my 2nd and 3rd grader beginning basic outlines.  What a great skill to learn!!!!!!

All 3 girls are loving their individual science classes.  And I’m caught up on grading!  (Minor miracle, I won’t be for long!)

Fellow homeschoolers:  How is YOUR first week going????


Pumped for PiYo

I’ve shared with you all some of my struggles with working out.  And I have to admit….I am a sloth.  I would much rather sit on the couch watching #SharkWeek and eating bonbons than I would working out at ANYTHING!!!

But on June 26th I made a decision.  On that day i decided I would do almost ANYTHING to get healthier.  I had several reasons for getting healthier.

Reason #1:  1 Corinthians 6:19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?  As a Christ follower, I need to realize and respect that my body is not my own.  I am a temple of the Lord Jesus.  I am also a living representation of Him.  So, if I can’t deal with the slothful slovenly body that I have now, how is someone else going to take me seriously when I tell them about Jesus?

Reason #2: I want to be around for my kids, and my grandkids, and my great grandkids.  Not only do I want to be around…but I want to be active.  I want to play with them and hang out with them and run with them, not sleep on the couch while they are outside playing catch.  And that is exactly what is happening now. 😦

Reason #3: Moment of truth – I’d love to have another baby.  But my body would never carry one right now, I’m just not healthy enough.  And if we adopted, I’d never make it through the sleepless nights.

I had these 3 reasons…and they are darn good ones.  But now what?  That’s where my friend A comes in.  I met her on facebook and we have had lots of chats about homeschooling, and being the mother to boys, and God, and a couple about being healthy.  Not that many, because quite frankly she is one of those women…you know…the skinny muscular women that look like they could slip into a bikini at any given moment and not even blink!  Yep…..she’s one of those.  But she is also incredibly sweet and amazing and I knew she did this shakeology thingy…so I asked her.  I gave her impossible parameters.  I needed a work out that was low impact because of asthma and other issues.  I really like doing yoga but hate working out period.  And I don’t even stick with the yoga long term.  And I have like NO time.  Every time the doctor said I needed to work out, I would start outlining my day and ask him when exactly I should work out!  And I couldn’t go on a crazy meal plan that I couldn’t afford and no one else would eat – because I REFUSE to make separate meals.

She gave me 2 possible work outs and let me compare them.  I even drew up a Pros and Cons sheet.  I talked to my mom (Papi was out of town) and the girls and decided I would do PiYo because even though I HATE Pilates I LOVE Yoga!  I ordered the challenge pack and waited very impatiently for my dvd’s and shake mix to come in. (I started with strawberry because I love strawberry anything.)

On July 3rd my items were in and I was so excited.  I tried one of the shakes that night!  It was very good with little after taste…which is awesome because I will use ANY excuse NOT to do this kind of thing.  My friend A had started an online accountability group for those of us taking this PiYo challenge.

Here’s where it is going to get boring….I’ll be sharing what I posted online at the accountability group – so this is basically going to be a day by day journal.  Skip to the bottom if you must. 😉

July 4 · ·

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here! My name is Jessica. I’m 42. Mom of 6. Homeschooler. Married 15 years. I’m really excited to get into shape. I (right now) have the full support of all my family (including my moms who lives with us). I had my first shake yesterday (strawberry sea salt) for an afternoon snack. It was so filling, I almost didn’t eat dinner! Have a blessed day everyone!!!!!

July 6 ·

Quick question before i get ready for church: how do you eat all this food???? I’m really struggling to eat all the veggies and protein every day especially. Using PiYo and my calorie target is a little over 1800, so I’m shooting for 1800.  (Yes, I am still really struggling to eat all the food!!!!)

July 7 – 

I sent my measurements to my coach.  Did NOT want to take these.  And I won’t post them here.  What I will do is share the changes later.


July 7 · ·

Align is done. I had to modify almost everything. But I loved most of the moves. Warrior 1 and 2 have been my favorite moves for 15 + years! I’m exhausted now…but I have cheer tonight , so I need to get moving!!!!!! Oh! And redid my schedule so that I’m working out about an hour after I get up. That always has worked best for me in the past.

July 8 · ·

Define Lower Body done. That was fun! I love yoga! ijs
I had to edit to let you know. 4 of my 6 kids joined me in the workout this morning. 1 girl and my 3 boys. The other 2 girls were going around the room correcting postures. It felt like I was in a gym class!!!!

July 9 ·  ·

Define upperbody – for those of you saying it wasn’t as much of a workout – PTTHT!!!! I was sweating my hiney off, my arms are totally shaking. BUT I managed the crouching crow pushups!!! WooHoo!!!!!
I am now going to the beach…so nya nya!

July 10 · 

SWEAT confession time. I couldn’t finish it. My muscles literally collapsed, I almost fell. I only had 14 minutes left. I know that I can do this. I WILL do this. I have cheer tonight, so that’s another 2 hours of sweating my butt off. I’m looking forward to conquering SWEAT next Monday.

July 12 ·  ·

Do you hear me screaming with joy????!!!!!!
I did define lower today with NO CHAIR!!!!!! with Aunt Flo too! I had to go into childs pse a couple times in the last 5 minutes, and I found the last 5 minutes hard to do because my hands were sliding all over the place….but I DID IT!!!!! Very little modifications!!!! I have been sitting at my computer playing on facebook trying to recover because I might fall if I try to stand right now. But I am going to be on a HIGH ALL DAY LONG!
Happy dance rant over. You may go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

feeling joyful.

  July 12 ·

Bought a 750ml water bottle at GMC today for 99cents!! They had a couple of them, so i might go back and get the others. They are pretty and i can take then to the track.

July 13 ·  ·

Define upper body done. Hating working out in front of hubby. He was very encouraging today though, in going to challenge him to do sweat with me tomorrow.

July 14 ·

SWEAT done today. I’m sitting here at the computer recovering. Hubby didn’t join me today, but dd13, dd12, and ds8 did. dd13 dropped out with 12 minutes to go, I dropped out with 10 minutes to go, dd12 dropped out with me. DS8 is a BEAST! The boy completed it all and then did 50 sit ups and 50 push ups afterwards!!!!!!! He’s not even sweating very much.

And I weighed in today…..I lost 4 pounds last week. Double my goal. I can’t see it or feel it yet, but that is super encouraging. (Especially since my asthma and thyroid kicked in last night and laid me on the couch for several hours).


What is your favorite shake recipe?
I have to say my favorite so far is strawberry powder, milk, peanut butter, and honey

July 15 ··

Define Lower Body done. I really love this workout. My legs are already somewhat strong, so doing this work out makes me FEEL strong. I really do need to get those yoga gloves though. I have to come out of so many poses because my hands are sliding!!!!

Core this morning is done! I struggled with it, having to “rest” several times. But I didn’t stop. i kept pushing – though it was not easy to figure out what my body was supposed to be doing. i think I may be doing some of the moves incorrectly, because my shoulders are sore.
Also, I know that most of you stay away from salt….but I need to make sure my balance is correct, so I added a tiny bit of salt to my water this morning. I’ll be doing that every morning to make sure that I don’t throw my body out of whack.
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!!

Still can’t do SWEAT all the way through. But I can see while doing it where I am getting stronger. Able to extend on things I wasn’t before! And my tricep pushup is getting stronger. Instead of only going down 1 or 2 inches, I’m able to be only 2 inches from the floor!!!

CORE literally brought me to tears today. I was so frustrated with not being able to figure out what I was supposed to be doing and then when I thought I had, not feeling it in my CORE but in my arms or legs. Hubby said I was doing then right, but still.. .feeling slightly defeated today.

July 21 at 8:43am ·

Define upper body done. Can i say that I’m actually looking forward to a work out called buns? My legs are stronger than my arms!

OK. I didn’t get the work out done this morning. i had a rough evening and night last night…didn’t sleep well and just am flat exhausted. I will attempt it this afternoon before cheer tryouts if I can. On a good note…I lost another two pounds!

BUNS done! I couldn’t do everything but I LOVED that one! I would like doing that every day!

I totally have to say this. This is the only workout I’ve ever done where I am working my butt off….I mean my muscles are shaking and hurting during it. But as I go about the rest of my day I am not hurting. Yes, I get a little twinge every once in a while when I move just the right way…but I’m not crippled in pain. I LOVE it. I know I’m working hard, the muscles are working most definitely. But I’ve always stopped before because of the pain.

Core done. Ugh. Still hate it…but it didn’t make me cry this time!!

Not looking forward to working out this morning…. . I’m sore!!!LOL. But I’ll be making up my rest day in about 10 minutes.
I did notice something strange this morning and last. My mom makes breakfast for us before she heads off to work. Both days she has made bacon or sausage. Both days the greasy smell has made me slightly nauseous. And last night, egg roll turned my tummy some.
Conclusion: eating cleaner is making my body want to eat cleaner!

Sweat kind of done. I still cant get through the whole thing. Today i stopped at 13 minutes left. But what i did, i did with no modifications. On to the cheer draft, after my shower!

feeling strong.

Hubby took me on a date tonight…..for a smoothie(kind of healthy) and to target to buy yoga gloves. Cuz that’s how we i guess that’s what 17 years and 6 kids does to your date life.

Strength intervals was hard! 5 minutes left and i was done. I used that time to stretch my legs out. Going to do my cheer workout this afternoon.
Oh…and thank you A for the shake sample….i now know to take chocolate off my list.

Sweat done…got further into it before my legs started to buckle!!!7::50 left! Woohoo!!!! Conditioning with my cheer girls tonight too!!!

Core….ran out of steam with 6 minutes left. I didn’t eat near enough yesterday and i can tell. I have got to eat more!
In good news, i am down a total of 8 pounds. That is half my goal!!!

I’m taking a rest day today….my last one was last Tuesday and my body is killing me!!
I will be out at the track tonight for a stunt clinic, so after that while I’m waiting for football practice to be over, I’m going to walk/run the track.
Just to hold myself accountable: tomorrow will be buns and Friday will be drench. I’ll. Be at the track on Friday night walking/running as well.

BUNS done! Man that burns!!! Love it! I can already see changes in my booty. When i was in high school I was a white girl with a donkey booty. Literally. guys used to put soda cans on my hiney. It was a running joke in my 98% black high school that I had a black girls butt. Now I have an upside down heart shape – and I ain’t lovin it. I want the black girl butt again!!!!!

Doing buns today, and my greyhound decided to join me….hard to workout when a huge dog is on your mat! He so kindly left huge muddy paw prints too.

I’m really frustrated today.
I took my measurements and did a fitness test, results are after 25 days….
Weight – down 5 pounds (up 3 from last week)
Waist – down 3.5 inches
Hips – down 2 inches
Chest – down 1.5 inches (I didn’t want to go down here)
Right arm – up .5 inches
left arm – same
right thigh – up .5 inches
left thigh – up 1.5 inches
Resting Heart rate – up 4 bpm
Vertical leap – up 1.25 inches
Push ups – up 2
toe touch – down 3 more inches (still can’t touch my toes)
Ins and outs – up 5
wall squat – up 4 seconds
first hr max – down 18 bpm (shouldn’t this be going up?)
third hr max – down 28 pbm

It’s a mixed bag and I am just really upset. I can’t really see any difference in my body at all except these weird divots in my stomach and on my thighs and booty. I just wanna cry today (I’m hoping it’s just pms)

Due to unforseen family things AND running out of my thyroid medication, I went AWOL this weekend. I still don’t have my thyroid meds…but I did do Definte Lower Body this morning. no stopping and no modifications. It’s a struggle to get out of bed when I’m out of thyroid meds – so I am counting that as a win!

Had to share this…vanilla shakeology, milk, frozen cherries, low fat chocolate syrup,and ice. It was so yummy!!!!

OK….so still don’t have my thyroid meds. yesterday I worked my hiney off with my cheerleaders. I even did a very horrible cartwheel. This morning I did Upper Body define. Praying I get my thyroid soon!

I really fell off the PiYo wagon this week…not having my thyroid in combination with cheer season and school upon me just overwhelmed me. I’m praying my thyroid meds come in this weekend so that I can start back on Monday with a bang!!!! I want to pick up where I left off with Sculpt (which I haven’t tried). This weekend is insane busy….starting today! So I have no idea if I’ll be able to work out at all.

Got my thyroid meds yesterday…took first dose this morning. Will start back up tomorrow! Woohoo!

Upper body define and i am weak! I couldn’t finish it. i went back to week 3 to build back up. I’m glad i did.

I was so tired all day..i didn’t work out this morning…but i coached this evening. I’m planning on working out tomorrow morning….x my fingers i can wake up!

Buns completed….man my legs were on fire and shaking. I had to stop and shake out a couple of times but i never turned it off! I seriously love that workout!!!!!

feeling accomplished.

Taking one of chalenes tips….doing piyo moves during commercials. 40 chair squats, 20 squats, 30 sumo squats, plank, elbow plank (?), downward dog. After cheer and doing that…I’m exhausted!

25 minutes of drench and i collapsed….holy frijoles.

21 hrs ·

I took pictures today…..when holding them up against pictures from the first day…well, i started to cry. I haven’t been able to see the difference. The scale had only gone down 8 pounds… seeing this huge difference in the pictures…wow. it’s storming now…I’ll try to post a before/after tomorrow.

 feeling fabulous

‪#‎PiYo‬ Strength intervals done. I collapsed at 3:55 left and literally couldn’t move for a minute. But i got up and finished once i realized a body was still attached to my head!!!!

The results of all of this insanity:

1.  My before/after pics….6weekbeforeafter 6weeksbeforeafter2


2.  I am going to be a Beachbody coach.  I love the transformation in how I feel and the amazing support I have received…and i want to pay it forward.  As soon as I get it up and running, I’ll post the link.

I am so thankful for all the girls in my accountability group for their support…and for A for helping me through all of this!  And I look forward to the next 6 weeks of PiYo!!!!!