Crocheted Sleep Sack and Hat

Just perfect for a newborn!!!

This pattern comes courtesy of Everyday Blankets/ loops and threads/ snuggly wuggly baby sport at Michaels.  For more baby patterns go to Michaels Loops and threads .


Now, i must be honest.  I had some issues with this pattern.  It’s been a while, so I’ll try to remember what I changed and note it for you.

This is a cocoon sack and hat for baby up to 3 months.

You will need 2 balls of variegated baby yarn, 1 ball of solid variegated baby yarn and a G and a H hook.

Gauge is 14 sts and 11 rnds = 4″ with H hook

This is an Easy Pattern

Start with variegated

Chain 3 for base.

1st rnd: 8 hdc in 3rd ch from hook.  Join with sl st to first hdc .

2nd rnd: Ch 2.  2 hdc in same sp as last sl st.  2 hdc in each hdc aroun.  Join with sl st. 16 hdc

3rd rnd: ch 2. 2 hdc in same sp as last sl st. *2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc.  2 hdc in next hdc.  Rep from * around, ending with 2 hdc in last sp between groups. Join. 28 hdc.

4th rnd: sl st in next hdc.  sl st in next sp between groups of 2 hdc.  ch 2. 2 hdc in same sp as last sl st.  *2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc.  2 hdc in next hdc.  Rep from * around. Join

5th rnd: ch 2. 2 hdc in same sp as last sl st *(2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) twice.  2 hdc in next hdc. rep from * around, ending with : (2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) twice. Join.

6th rnd: ch 2. 2 hdc in same sp as last sl st *(2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) 3 times. 2 hdc in next hdc. rep from * around, ending with : (2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) 3 times. Join

7th rnd: ch 2.2 hdc in same sp as last sl st *(2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) 4 times. 2 hdc in next hdc. rep from * around, ending with : (2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) 4 times. Join

8th rnd: ch 2.2 hdc in same sp as last sl st *(2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) 5 times. 2 hdc in next hdc. rep from * around, ending with : (2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) 5 times. Join

9th rnd: ch 2.2 hdc in same sp as last sl st *(2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) 22 times. 2 hdc in next hdc. rep from * once more. 2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc. Join. 88 hdc.  Place marker.  *****Quite honestly as I looked at this, it just wasn’t big enough…so I continued with the pattern increase until it felt big enough to fit a baby into.  And then I switched to the Body Pat.*******

Body Pat:

1st rnd: sl st in next hdc.  sl st in next sp between groups of 2 hdc.  ch 2. 2 hdc in same sp as sl st. *2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc. Rep from * around. Join.

2nd rnd: ch 2. 2hdc in same sp as last sl st. *2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc. Rep from * around.  Join.  Rep last 2 rnds for Body Pat until work from marked rnd measures 15″ .  *******Again, I think I went a little larger than 15″, but no more than 17“*******

Next rnd: ch2. 2 hdc in same sp as last sl st. 1 hdc in each hdc around. Join.

Next rnd: ch 2. 1 dcfp around post of same hdc as last sl st. (1 dcbp around post of next hdc. 1 dcfp around post of next hdc) 22 times.  Place marker for center front. (1 dcfp around post of next hdc. 1 dcbp around post of next hdc) 22 times. Join.

Next 2 rnds:ch 2. 1 dcfp around post of same hdc as last sl st. (1 dcbp around post of next hdc. 1 dcfp around post of next hdc) 22 times.  slip center front marker. (1 dcfp around post of next hdc. 1 dcbp around post of next hdc) 22 times. Join.

Fasten off.

Divide for collar: Beg working in rows as follows:

Next row: RS.  join yarn with sl st around post of dcfp at left side from center front marker. ch 2. 1dcfp around post of same dcfp as last sl st. *1dcbp around post of next dcbp. 1 dcfp around post of next dcfp. Rep from * around, ending with 1 dcfp around post of last dcfp at center front. TURN.

Next row: ch 2. 1 dcbp around post of first st. *1dcfp around post of next st. 1 dcbp around post of next st. Rep from *  to end of row. Turn.

Next row: ch 2. 1 dcfp around post of first st. *1dcbp around post of next st. 1 dcfp around post of next st. Rep from *  to end of row. Turn.

Repeat last 2 rows until work from dividing row measures 3 1/2”. ending with a WS row.  Fasten off.

Small Picot around edge in solid color.


Copy sack from beginning to 5th rnd .

6th rnd: as 4th rnd.

7th rnd: ch 2. 2 hdc in same sp as last sl st. *(2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc.) 4 times. 2hdc in next hdc. Rep from * around, ending with: (2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc) 5 times. Join

8th rnd: sl st in next hdc. sl st in next sp between groups of 2 hdc. ch 2. *2hdc in next sp between groups of 2 hdc.. Rep from * around. Join. rep last rnd until Hat from beg measures 4″.

Next rnd: ch 2. 1 hdc in same sp as last sl st. 1 hdc in each hdc around. join.

Change to smaller hook.

Next rnd: ch 2. 1 dcfp around post of same hdc as last sl st. *1 dcbp around post of next hdc. 1 dcfp around post of next hdc. Rep from * to last hdc. 1 dcbp around post of last hdc. Join.

Next rnd: ch 2 1 dcfp around post of same dcfp as last sl st. *1 dcbp around post of next dcbp. 1 dcfp around post of next dcfp. Rep from * to last dcbp. 1 dcbp around post of last hdc. Join.

Rep last rnd 4 times more.  Fasten off.

Picot to finish.

Sleep Sack and Cap Crochet

This was a gift for Papi’s newest little nephew and I am very pleased the way it came out.  Of course, when i bought the yarn I didn’t know Little A was a HE! 😉

My Favorite White Bread

Several years ago, I picked up The Best of Amish Cooking by Phyllis Pellman Good – it is quite literally my very favorite cookbook.  I have tried for years to find a white bread recipe that my kids like as much as the white bread in this cookbook – and I haven’t been able to find one.

Dissolve 1 package of yeast and 1 tsp. sugar in 1/2 cup lukewarm water.  (I usually do this in a large mixing cup).

Then Mix 2 cups lukewarm water, 1 1/4 tsp salt, 1/3 cup sugar, and 1 3/4 tbsp unsalted sweet cream butter.  (i mix this all in my kitchen aid).  Then add the yeast mixture, and gradually 7 – 8 cups of flour.

****Stopping here for a hint.  You may not use 7 – 8 cups of flour.  You want to gradually mix in the flour one cup at a time until you can touch the dough and it not stick ooey gooey to your finger.  It needs to be pulled completely off of the mixing bowl and forming a strange ball on your dough hook.  Depending on heat and humidity, this can be as little as 6 cups or as many as 10 (rare)!*****

Because my kitchen aid bowl is stainless steel, I just leave the dough in there.  If you are mixing in a plastic bowl, switch the dough now to a greased bowl (grease the sides with more butter).  Cover with a dish towel and set it in a warm place to rise until double.  This usually takes about an hour.

Punch it down.  Literally.  Form a fist and punch the middle.  Then Use your hand to scoop the dough off the side of the bowl and into the middle.  Cover and let rise again (another hour or so).

Get two large loaf pans out and cover the sides and bottom with yummy butter.  I usually take a stick, peel off the wrapper, and then just “color” the pans with butter.  Now go get your dough.  Cut it in the middle with your hand.  If you do it right, you should be able to cut it in half with your right hand, and then grab the left side of the dough, scooping it up and set it gently into the loaf pan with a perfectly formed loaf – this takes practice, but you can do it!  Now use your left hand and scoop the right side out and put it into the second loaf pan!  Waalaa!

Oh wait…shoot….you are not done!  Cover both loaf pans and let it rise again (another hour or so).  Take the cover off after it has risen, and bake at 350* for 1/2 hour.

It makes beautiful bread.  Perfect for covering in yummy apple butter and noshing right out of the oven.  It doesn’t do french toast or the toaster well though.  Just an fyi!

ENJOY!!!!  And seriously, purchase the book.  I think you can get it for a penny used on Amazon!

The Dirty Word

I am going to say a dirty word.

 I am going to say it very loudly.

 I am going to say it, and it is going to make some of you cringe away in terror.

 As you cringe you will click away as fast as you can, muttering under your breath about self righteousness, legalism, and culture.

Are you ready?

Here Goes.


Ack!  Oh no!  She did it!  She really said it, typed it, right there for all of the world to see!!!!!  What, is she NUTS?

 This is a topic that has been beaten to death.  It really has.  If you believe you are already submissive, then no matter what I say (almost), you’ll be nodding along.  If you think submission is for the birds, a cultural concept that was only for the Greeks and the Jews, then no matter what I say, you’ll be shaking your head “No.”

I want to talk about submission.  I want to get honest about submission.  Let’s be real, OK?

Most people that talk about submission talk about Ephesians 5:21 – 33.  So let’s go there.  Go ahead.  Go get your bible.  Turn to it.  Ephesians.  It’s in the New Testament.  Closer to the back of the book.  Got it?  Good.  Now read it aloud to yourself.  If you are one of those “submission is for the birds” people, well then, you stopped at verse 22 and went no further.  I challenge you to read further, please.

As we read Ephesians 5:21 – 33, we see that the wife is supposed to submit to her husband as she does to God.  And the husband is supposed to love his wife as Christ loved the Church.  Pretty simple, right?  Wife = submit, Hubby = love.  But it really isn’t that simple.  It really isn’t.  Whenever I mention to someone (usually in a bible study) that a wife is to submit to her husband, their response is “Not a doormat!”  No.  I am NOT a doormat.  Anyone who has seen me with Papi for more than an hour realizes I’m not a doormat….but they just can’t get the stereotype out of their mind.

When I read that, I see a subtle balance….like a teeter totter.  Come back with me…all the way back….join the time machine….come back to the land of bell bottom jeans and disco….journey back with me to 1970 something.  (teehee)  My most traumatic incident ever on a teeter totter.  That wonderful toy of playgrounds everywhere.  Mom and Dad had somehow scraped up enough money to send me and the Little Bro to Christian Summer Camp.  This would not have been a problem at all for the social butterfly Little Bro, for me it was slightly traumatic, and I wouldn’t let him go anywhere without me!  So the first, maybe the second, day, we were on the playground of the Camp….all alone.  And we decided to get on the teeter totter – even though he was several pounds lighter than me.  So we got on, and delicately were balancing, up and down.  Then we tried to make it even.  (Have you ever done that – it’s not easy when you don’t weigh the same!)  We had actually done it somehow.  We made it even.  I was further out, closer to the end of the thing, and he was inside (I think, it was a LONG time ago).  And then he, in all of his tiny Little Bro wisdom, got bored.  He wanted to get off, and before telling me he was getting off, he JUMPED!  Down I went, with my knee tucked conveniently under me.  Enter an ambulance, a sprained knee, and a trip (early and with my head hanging in shame) home.

Submission is like that.  It is supposed to be a mutual submission.  We women “obey” like we obey God (with joy), and those handsome hubby’s love us so much they would literally lay down their lives for us, in every way shape or form.  We should be fighting over who gets control….and we should always want it to be the other person!!!!!  We should always be the person on the lower end of the teeter totter….fighting to stay there, as they are fighting to push us up!!!  And it stays even.  And no one gets hurt.  But too many times we see that teeter totter with one party always up, and the other down.  And sometimes someone just jumps completely off – no warning – and we get seriously hurt.

That’s my view of marital submission.  Pretty radical, huh?  If you stuck around, are you still thinking doormat?  No?  Yes???  Let me know!

Keeping on the same topic, hopefully this doesn’t go too long, I wanted to talk about heart submission versus head submission.

Say what?????

For the longest time, I lived as a submissive wife.  Told everyone I was a submissive wife.  Had no problem sharing my views on submissiveness.  And they were pretty much the view I shared above.  And then I read a book called “Created to be His Help Meet”.

 ****NB:  Yes, I know of all of the Pearl issues.  Seriously.  I bought the book partially because I wanted to see if they were really as bad as everyone says they were.  No, I don’t think that if your hubby is beating you it is your fault.*****

So, I read the book, and wow!  I was convicted.  See – all these years of being submissive, I was HEAD SUBMISSIVE.  I was submissive to Papi, told everyone I was submissive, did all the things I was supposed to do as a submissive wife.  But……… I wasn’t HEART SUBMISSIVE.  Everything was fine if Papi was doing it my way, my timing.  In essence, everything was fine if he was laying down his life for ME.  But man, oh man…if he told me “No” on anything I thought was best….Honey, Look out!!!!!  I would Nag.  And then I realized that wasn’t getting me anywhere.  So I conquered the nagging habit.  And then I would get angry.  And I would get depressed.  That’s the major things.  The life changing decisions.  If I didn’t get my way, he paid!  On the little things, the day to day things.  If he disagreed with me, well I would just go do what I wanted while he wasn’t home.  And I would vent…to everyone….about what a lousy husband HE was.

It wasn’t him.  It was me.  I thought I was being submissive, because I was doing what he said.  But he had to drag me kicking and screaming everywhere I didn’t want to go.  I wasn’t submissive in my heart and soul.  I wanted him to love me and lay down his life for me…..but I certainly didn’t want to do what he wanted (unless he happened to agree with me).

Let me give you an example of the “little things”.  Papi doesn’t like trees.  No.  Let me clarify.  Papi doesn’t want trees on our property.  He doesn’t want to clean up leaves.  He doesn’t want to try and mow around them and weed eat around them.  He wants the kids to have a clear, clean space to play any sport they want on the side yard, and he thinks trees would get in the way.  He, like many, has seen trees take out roofs and destroy the base of houses.  He made that perfectly clear when I asked if I could plant a tree.

Here comes the not being submissive part.  He told me “No.”  Straight up.  No equivocation.  And I went around him.  I decided that my desire to have tropical fruit trees was more important than his desire NOT to have them.  I made a plan.  Got a library book and literally drew out the yard and what trees I wanted where.  I almost bought them.  Until one of the kids let it slip that we were going to go buy some sea grape trees.  Enter firestorm.

I’m here.  I escaped the wrath of Papi (just kidding).  But that is EXACTLY what I mean about not being heart submissive.  And I’m still struggling with it.  Habits formed over 15 years of marriage don’t go away in 4 months, I tell you.  But I’m trying.  Because I want to please my God.  And I want to love my Papi like I love and please my God.


Why would I NOT love this guy?
Why would I NOT love this guy?


If you want to watch a really good sermon on Submission and Biblical Headship, I recommend Voddie Baucham.  He is an amazing preacher, and can say it so much better than I can!  Here is a good place to start Love and Marriage .

If you want to purchase the book Created to Be His Help Meet , you can purchase it here ….I do recommend reading this book with eyes wide open.  I don’t agree with EVERYTHING she says.

Be blessed.  Please.  Like.  Comment.  Share. 🙂  I want to hear others views on this!!!!!!

Homeschool 101: Planning

Now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty as they say.  It’s time to really talk about how to schedule.  *****WARNING:  FOLLOWING CONTENT MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL HOMESCHOOLS!******

In fact, you may read this and think, “In a Pig’s Eye!”.  Or you may read this and think, I’ll take this idea or this idea and use it, but the rest of it, no way!

The simple fact is, no two homeschools look-alike.  No two homes look-alike.  I have a friend, she came over for dinner the other night in fact.  She has 6 children, just like I do.  But she is not real big on schedules.  She knows what she would like to get accomplished, but for the most part, she follows her children in what they want to learn…and the entire family just digs in and has at it!  And it works for her….wonderfully!!!!!  Her children are happy, they have a love for learning, and they ARE learning!  Tremendously!

My family can not do this (and my friend and I actually had a conversation about this).  I’ve tried the no scheduling thing….I clean and the kids play legos!  That doesn’t work for me.  So I schedule.  I OVERschedule.  I’m trying to do better on this, by the way.  Leaving more room for relaxation and play.  In fact, this year I bought several games for school – just don’t tell the kids they are learning games, OK?????

You have several options for scheduling (which I believe I’ve mentioned).  You can school year round.  You can school only when the public schools are in session.  You can do a Sabbath schedule.  I even ran across someone who does a monthly schedule (they school for four weeks and break for one)!

Papi and I have come to the conclusion that we prefer the Sabbath Schedule.  We school for 6 weeks, then take a week off.  We do that six times, with several weeks off during Christmas (this year we are actually taking off the entire month of December). This actually gives us a 7 week Summer Jubilee!!!!

Once you’ve figured out about what your schedule is going to look like, you can actually plan it out.  I have done the planning for the entire year before….but it really doesn’t work for me.  I get very stressed if something doesn’t go according to plan….especially if someone is running behind on something.  So this year I have a NEW PLAN.  You ready?  It’s pretty revolutionary (tongue in cheek).  I’m going to only plan for each Unit.  In other words, in the week I have off….I’ll plan in general for what we will do the next 6 weeks – and do more intense planning the Friday before we actually do that week.  Did I confuse you?  Ok – let me break it down. 😉

I have a planner.  I know what I want to get accomplished for the 6 weeks.  I want to go through the entire Wisdom Booklet and the kids to get through the Language Arts that goes with the Wisdom Booklet.  AND I want them to work in Math, Keyboarding (for the girls), and Science (for the girls).  So this will be what my scheduling looks like.  During Sabbath week I will read thru the Wisdom Booklet and plan what week we are doing certain things.

So I will have a title each week for Scripture/Music, Resources (that’s what we are working on in the WB), Projects, Additional Studies (Language Arts, Math, Keyboarding, and Science) and Other (this is for Service Projects, play dates, other stuff that is going to be done that week).

I will read thru my Wisdom Booklet, making special notes of supplies I might need to purchase for each week, Picking Memory Verses we will be working on, researching books to pick up at the library and finding fun hands-on projects to drive the points home.  I will write it all down in pencil in my planning book in my “Notes” section.  I will check where everyone is in Math, Keyboarding, and Science and decide where I would like them to be by the end of the unit.  If they need something particular for a science project, then I will put that down in my “to buy” section as well.  Believe it or not, even with 6 kids…this usually only takes me a couple of hours.  I easily get this done during the first two days of our Sabbath break.  If I need something I know that I can’t get at the local market, i’ll order it (if budget allows) right away.

So within a couple of hours, I have a more specific idea of what is going to happen in the next 6 weeks.  Then each week (Friday or Saturday), Papi and I take about 1/2 hour together and really go thru what we will be doing the next week.  We scan through everything, we even plan our family devotions out for the week so that they reflect our focus for the week.  We break down what we will be doing each day, including family projects, individual projects, and final quizzes.  After that, I take about 1/2 hour to get any extra stuff set up that I need to….items for crafts, maybe a poster board with our Character Focus and goal or if we will have an extra focus.  Then I’ll go through their Math, Keyboarding, and Science, and write what I would like them to accomplish for the entire week.  And finally, I write down the plan for each day in Language Arts.  This will take me about 1 to 2 hours.  Sometimes I break it into 2 days, just for my sanity. 🙂

Now I want to warn you.  And this is something that I really need you to hear.  So If I’ve said it before, it bears repeating.  Homeschool is NOT Public School at home.  Let me say it again….Homeschool is NOT Public School at home!  Please, as you are making your day-to-day schedule, don’t make your kids work for 8+ hours.  They don’t need to do so!  Public school is 8 hours because they have 28 kids in a class. Several years ago I read several books by Charlotte Mason and I truly LOVE the way she does school.  NO CLASS should be longer than 15 minutes.  Except math, and that should only be 30 minutes.

I don’t have the minute to minute schedule made out for next school year, yet, because things have changed A LOT in the last couple of months.  But I do have an idea of what a day MIGHT look like, so I’ll give you a little glimpse in the mind of this crazy Homeschool Mama.

We will start school at 10 am.  We will work in our Wisdom Booklet (together) for about an hour.  But….WAIT….you just said no more than 15 minutes.  You are right.  I did.  We will work on music for about 10 minutes.  Then we will be taking turns reading in whatever resource.  Some weeks that will be in Greek, or really working on tearing apart our scripture.  It could be that we’ll be working in History or Geography or Anatomy.  It really depends on that Wisdom Booklet. We read together, someone reading, taking turns.  So the older kids are reading to the younger, and the younger are working on their reading skills.  I will also be asking questions.  And we will get up for a cleaning stretch midway…so we won’t be sitting for long!  At 11 am, I will assign everyone their projects for the week on Monday and they will all scatter into different rooms to work on them. They will work for about an hour, I’ll be making lunch and answering questions all the while.  They get 45 minutes for lunch, then we do a 15 minute pick up and we’re at it again.  I’m not really sure how it will go from 1 – 2 but I know that each kid will have math for 30 minutes every day.  Some days kids will be working in Keyboarding or Science for 15 minutes.  And everyone will have to work in Language Arts for at least 15 minutes per day.  I have to work out how I’m going to do it, and it really depends on how their Language Arts Levels work out.  I already know that Smarty Pants and Eyes are in the same level, I haven’t tested the other four yet…that’s on my “to do” list.

Then that’s it!  Anything they need to work on after that is their choice (teaching responsibility and diligence is really important).  I want my kids to be independent learners.  It’s important to me that they work independently successfully.  I know for sure all of the kids will want to go out and play for a little bit, until it starts to rain at least.  Then everyone will come in and continue to work on anything they need to finish….”Homework” if you will.  A lot of times the older girls will take their work into the front yard and do their workbooks or projects outside while waiting for the neighborhood kids to get home from school.  Then they put them in my trunk while they talk to their friends.  I know this because after their friends have had a snack and a drink, played some basketball or soccer, talked a little,  and gone home, the girls forget their books in the trunk and can’t find them the next day!!!!!

I always keep in mind that the goals I have for them are just that…goals.  And not every goal is reached.  That’s important.  As long as the kids are working hard and practicing diligence, I’m ok if we don’t necessarily reach our goals.

I hope this helps a little.  If you are having trouble scheduling, please contact me….I am seriously the scheduling Queen and can help you get it set up.  In fact I have ANOTHER friend (wow – 2 – it’s some kind of record!) that I am actually going to help her plan out her “minute by minute” schedule and how to implement it.  She’s been homeschooling for awhile and is sick to death of fighting with her son and math for 4 hours a day!  (No one is winning and I feel her pain). I’ll be happy to help you as well!


Traveling with the Horde Day 1

So Papi and I got this crazy idea to have an actual VACATION instead of a Stay-cation. Crazy, right?????  After discussing it thoroughly back in February, we decided to take the kids to the ATI Bible Conference in Nashville, TN.  We paid for the conference, put money aside for travel and for food, and talked about driving all night Friday night and arriving 13 hours later in Nashville.  Yep.  Our equation was this….

1 Truck + 6 kids + 2 very tired adults + 800 miles = Fun Vacation.

Crazier, right????

Up until the week before we were leaving, I believed that was the plan.  Papi would work all day Friday, get home about 4:30 pm (a little early), we would load up the truck, pack some sandwiches, and away we would go.  I would need food for that evening and a movie to put them asleep.  We would take turns driving (let’s be honest, he would drive almost all of it) and hit there about 8 am.  Then we would wander around Nashville until check in at 3 pm.

The week before the conference, Papi and I actually talked about whether this plan would actually work.  We decided it wouldn’t.  So Papi decided we would leave about 11 pm.  The kids would sleep.  We would take turns driving (him driving almost all of it) and get to the hotel in Nashville at about 1 pm on Saturday completely exhausted.  This would take more creativity on my part, because I would need things to keep the kids occupied during the times they were awake.  So I started pinning all sorts of things on pinterest to entertain them, mainly because they weren’t allowed to bring Kindles, mp3’s, cell phones, or anything electronic.

On Tuesday, i think, Papi decided we were going to stay in a hotel in Georgia on Friday night.  The new plan (the one that actually kind of happened) was that Papi would work 1/2 day on Friday, get home around lunch.  Then we would eat lunch, pack the truck, and head to Georgia.  On Saturday we would make the rest of the journey from Georgia to Tennessee.

So Papi worked 1/2 day, and we packed up the truck….

traveling with kids


We finished packing early, and decided to get a head start.  Stopping at Sam’s to get gas, Walmart to stock up on goodies, and McDonald’s for lunch.  We were off!

After about an hour, we hit Yeehaw Jct.  YES, there is a place called Yeehaw Jct.  I even photographed the proof….

Yeehaw Jct

I rewarded the kids for being good.  Each of them got a poker chip.  (Yes, it was a poker chip, no we weren’t playing poker).    We traveled another hour with the kids looking at the incorrect maps I printed for them and trying to figure out where we were.  And we hit Orlando.


And the kids each got another token.  But by now, the natives were getting restless….

Restless Natives

(No, Barbie is not picking her nose)….And I started the bidding war.  Each of them had tokens rewarded for good behavior.  Being over and above nice got extra tokens.  They were allowed to bid on picking an activity.  I think Eyes won the first one, picking to play a movie (He paid 2 tokens I think).  So we slipped in one of the Star Wars movies and had a semi quiet ride for the next couple of hours (not counting the blasters going off in the background).  Each hour the first day, each kid earned a token.  We were on a ROLL!!!!! (Bonus was I got to work on the baby blanket I’ve been crocheting for a baby that was due ANYDAY!!!!!Baby Blanket

Two hours went by, each kid had earned 2 tokens, and Barbie won the next bid, electing to play her favorite Christian CD’s for the next hour.  And we had then reached our destination…somewhere in Georgia…..

Georgia on my Mind


We hit the Huddle House for dinner (that was a new experience for me) and fell exhausted into bed.  Who knew that driving that far could make you exhausted when you weren’t even driving?????

Summer Schedule

I made up our summer schedule last week….I told you – I’m OCD!!!!! 2 more weeks of school and we’ll be having our Summer Jubilee!
BAM!, Barbie, and Papi are going on a 10 day mission trip in Louisiana, so they’ll miss out for the first couple of days.

Here is our summer schedule:
I’ll be up at 6 am to do my morning devotion and laundry.
At 7:30 I’ll shower and dress.
8:00 am I’ll wake up the kids and cook breakfast while they are getting ready for the day.
8:30 am Breakfast!
9:00 am we’ll discuss our plans for the day and do a 15 minute pick up of the kitchen
9:30 am – Wisdom Search
10 am – Monday Beach, Tuesday library, Wednesday Crafts, Thursday Play Dates, Friday Shopping, Saturday Park Day (obviously this is weather dependent!)
12 – lunch and a pick up
1 pm – finish any school work that needs to be worked on
1:30 I’ll be crafting while everyone else is having free time
2 pm I’ll be working on my “to do” list
3 pm Super Clean Time
4 pm I’ll be getting my computer work done while everyone else is having free time
4:30 pm Gardening
5 pm Cooking Dinner
5:30 pm Reading
6 pm Dinner
7 pm Evening Wisdom Search
7:30 pm Smarty Pants goes to bed
8 pm My time to Blog
8:30 pm Eyes, Dimples, and Kissy in bed
9 pm Hanging out with BAM! and Barbie
9:30 pm BAM! and Barbie go to bed, my time with Papi

Now, lest you think I am a drill sergeant – this is a flexible schedule. If things happen, impromptu play dates, sleeping in, we spend more time at the beach than 2 hours, well, we’ll roll with it and just pick it up where we left off!!!!!
What is YOUR summer schedule like?????