Anne Rice, A Christian???

Call me late for the party, call me completely behind, call me utterly dumbfounded!

As a college age young lady (kind of) I was a HUGE fan of Anne Rice.  I loved her vampire series and I even loved some of her lesser followed books. I was not a huge fan of the movies, but the books were read over and over until the covers tore off.  When Barbie was about a year old she was having intense nightmares, and so was I.  In a complete act of utter desperation I went through every book in the house and got rid of all of my horror books.  That was a ton of books!!!!!!  Strangely enough, or maybe not so strangely, the nightmares stopped shortly after that.  Sadly, my Anne Rice books went with them.

I’ve been trying to keep the “yeast” out of my house, so my visits to the local library have been slightly frustrating.  I’ve been searching and searching for books that I wouldn’t be ashamed to read in front of the Pope or my Pastor.  That is not as easy as it sounds when you read as prolifically as I do!  I was searching in the aisle with R – S and discovered “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt”.  I snatched it up and quickly scanned the back of the book and the inside leaflet.  It looked promising, and it was.

In her own familiar style, Ms. Rice quickly swept me away to Egypt and immersed me into the family of Mary and Joseph.  Told from the story of the Christ child as truly a child.  He understands that He can do marvelous, scary things, but He doesn’t understand why.  And all of the adults around Him do understand why and are simultaneously adoring and in awe.  It was a magical book, I can’t say enough about it.

I am a word nerd, so I must admit, I read the entire book cover to cover….Including her reasonings behind writing the book, and her justification of herself as a woman of faith.  I can not judge if she is truly a Christ follower.  I read that she claims to be.  I can judge her book….and it was entrancing.

I can not wait for her to do more in this genre of book.  I read recently that she was putting out another Lestat book, so I don’t know that we’ll get anymore from her about the Christ child.  It would be greatly disappointing if that was the case.

Interested enough to check out this book, you can read more about it here

What was I talking about when I said “yeast”….check that out on my post Saturday, Baking Day .

2 thoughts on “Anne Rice, A Christian???

  1. Interesting. I read her first book. Couldn’t get into the others. Sometimes getting rid of stuff like that does make you feel better. Having them in the house can make you feel uneasy.


    • Exactly. Weird but true, right???? I am a “horror” junkie when it comes to books. My mom started me on mystery greats like Agatha Christie at about age 8, and then my 9th grade English teacher introduced me to Edgar Allen Poe, VC Andrews, and Steven King.


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